MVRE System

A Kroeschell client was shipping 1.7 million gallons of waste coolant off site for treatment and disposal. In efforts to lessen their environmental impact and increase efficiency, Kroeschell developed and implemented a system that cut costs through recycling.


Inefficiencies Through Waste Disposal

Our client was paying over $300,000 per year to dispose of 1.7 million gallons of waste coolant. The waste had a high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and the facility was unable to treat the material in its on-site treatment plant.

The challenge kroeschell faced was to identify technology to eliminate or lessen the need for shipping the waste coolant for disposal.

A First of its Kind

Through research, Kroeschell discovered a unique piece of equipment – a Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporator or MVRE – that had proven effective in pre-treating waste coolant. At the time, this was only one of four machines in operation in the country and the first in a factory environment. Kroeschell provided all aspects of Engineering & Design, purchase, installation and operation of the MVRE.

After installing the system, our client was able to:

  • Reduce shipping costs from 19-cents per gallon to three-cents per gallon
  • Process and recycle over 2 million gallons of waste coolant
  • Recycle 1,800 gallons of used oil
  • Treat 500,000 gallons of water
  • Discharge water under a wastewater permit without additional treatment

Paid For in 12 Months

The MVRE is the only machine of its kind capable of treating waste coolant to a point where it can be recycled back into make-up coolant or discharged under a wastewate permit without additional treatment.

Our client was able to save over $340,000 per year in shipping costs. The MVRE paid for itself in just 12 month (the client requires projects to have a 36-month payback) while lessening the environmental impact through recycling.