Large Scale Machine Relocation

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Kroeschell utilized ISO: 9000 methodology to relocated more than 200 pieces of heavy manufacturing equipment over a 750 mile distance.


A Fortune 100 company was undergoing a plant consolidation and needed to relocate more than 200 pieces of heavy industrial and manufacturing equipment over a 750 mile distance. Kroeschell competitively bid and was awarded the multi-million dollar contract to manage and perform the equipment relocation. At the onset of the relocation, Kroeschell recognized three major challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure an efficient and cost effective move:

  • Lack of detail on the bill of lading. Kroeschell needed to improve the detail on each bill of lading to properly identify which piece of equipment belonged to which job order.
  • The absence of backup programming. Kroeschell did not receive backup programming files for each machine before the relocation.
  • Lack of inventory verification. Kroeschell needed to develop a plan to verify that the equipment arrived in the exact same position as when it was loaded.


Kroeschell went to work immediately to establish a standardized trucking policy that encompassed each challenge while streamlining the loading process. The team utilized their ISO: 9001 expertise to generate a high quality solution. The ISO procedures stated that:

  • All equipment would be identified by job number prior to loading.
    Kroeschell would not disconnect any equipment until the customer verified that they were in possession of backup programming files for reinstallation.
  • Zones would be arranged on each truck. Kroeschell would produce a detailed layout and inventory list of equipment loaded into each zone.
  • Once the equipment was tied down and secured, Kroeschell would verify the inventory on each truck, paying close attention to the position of the load and the placement of the tie-downs.
    At the final destination, the onsite team would immediately inspect the load for damage and verify the inventory, comparing it to what was shipped.


Kroeschell managed all stages of the project including disassembly, transportation and reinstallation. Documenting each shipment as well as utilizing standardized policies developed with ISO:9001 methodology avoided unnecessary downtime of equipment and eliminated the likelihood for additional shipping costs. Kroeschell completed the machine move on time and within the budget.

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Our customer is a Fortune 100 company and leading manufacturer of heavy equipment and diesel and natural gas engines.


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