Alerton Controls Installed at McGuire Air Force Base

About This Project

McGuire Air Force Base was in need of Kroeschell’s expertise to install new temperature controls and a direct digital controls (DDC) system to their clinics.


McGuire Air Force Base was in need of new temperature controls and a direct digital controls (DDC) system to their medical, biomedical and dental clinics. Their original Johnson Controls Metasys DDC system was outdated, and BACnet protocol was needed to help run and manage the facilities.


Kroeschell performed the following upgrades:

  • Replaced the Johnson Control system with state of the art Alerton direct digital controls.
  • The system was equipped with a new desktop computer that was installed with a webbased graphics software system.
  • Replaced old control valves with new DDC operation valves.
  • All damper actuators were replaced with electronic actuators.

Additionally, the McGuire Air Force Base was in need of a new chiller system as their existing chillers were oversized due to the facility use change and recent HVAC modifications that lowered cooling requirements. Also, the chilled water system was a constant volume pumping system that produced inefficient use of chiller water and caused subsequent high energy costs. Two (2) new Carrier 19XRVcentrifugal chillers as well as two (2) new variable primary pumps were installed.

The DDC system for the new chillers is an extension of the Alerton control system. On both chillers, Kroeschell’s team:

  • Installed new temperature sensors, control valves and flow monitors.
  • Reprogrammed the existing system based on new sequence of operations.
  • Provided all commissioning and start-up.
  • Provided all required training and operation manuals.

Kroeschell also utilized the Alerton system to control lighting in public areas such as corridors, lobbies and entryways. This allowed lighting to be scheduled on and off based on occupancy.


After the installation of the new equipment and Alerton controls, the overall efficiency of the equipment improved and the facility’s Energy Star rating increased by 94%.

The system is fully compliant with the Air force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA) Health Facilities Division Quality Standards & Design Principles.

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The McGuire Air Force Base, 87th Medical Group is an outpatient medical treatment facility operating on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ. Its mission is to deliver mission-ready medics, a medically-ready force, patient-centered care and a healthy Joint Base community.


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