Co-Generation Plant Systems

Kroeschell provides turnkey installation of cogeneration systems in convenient sizes for a variety of applications.


  • Electrical Requirements
    • Substation
    • Power Distribution
    • Interconnection To Local Utility Distribution, or Transmission Grid System
  • Topping Plant Systems
    • Electric Generator Systems
    • Heat Recovery Steam Generators
    • Duct Burners
    • Feedwater Economizers
  • Central Plant Distribution Systems
    • Above Ground and Buried Piping Systems
    • Heat Exchangers and Pressure Reducing Stations
    • Absorption or Turbine Driven Chillers
  • Operation With Various Pumping Arrangements
    • Primary Pumping Systems
    • Secondary Pumping Systems
    • Building De-Coupling Systems
  • High Purity Water Treatment Systems
  • Water Handling and Treatment Systems
    • Water Softening
    • Condensate Polishing
    • Corrosion Protection
  • Automation of Plant Control
  • EPA Permitting
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