Lighting Controls

Kroeschell’s dedication to reliable and advanced light control systems has produced innovative and effective solutions. Whether single rooms or entire buildings, Kroeschell will find the best balance between energy savings and functionality. Lighting is typically one of the biggest expenses on a building’s energy bill. But it’s also one of the easiest areas to save. And Kroeschell can help you do it.

Kroeschell lighting control systems play a critical role in lighting design for various lighting applications. Lighting controls can detect dusk and dawn, helping to conserve energy while adding to the beauty and security of your building and grounds.

Our innovative solutions can reduce energy consumption and costs without changing the way you work. Whether it’s ensuring the lights are off in an unoccupied conference room, or saving time and money by eliminating the need for custom, multi-gang wall plates, you’ll find the durable, versatile lighting control solutions you need right here.

Kroeschell helps to make building lighting more sustainable, flexible, and energy-efficient. Our design and support teams provide lighting control solutions that combine proven technology with the latest control strategies for reducing energy cost and creating a comfortable, productive environment. The results are a high level of occupant control paired with significant energy savings.

Additionally, your energy-saving efforts may qualify for federal and state rebates, as well as incentives from your utility company.

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