Medical / Lab Gas Systems

Medical/lab gas systems are a standard feature of most healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities, and they require special monitoring and maintenance to ensure they are operating properly. Unlike other medical/lab equipment and systems, their use of gas under pressure makes them vulnerable to a unique set of potential failures, which may not be readily apparent. This makes medical/lab gas preventive maintenance critical to a problem-free working environment.

The best approach is to have a computerized monitoring solution in place that monitors the whole system, from the source of the gas, through the piping and finally to the patient. Kroeschell can install, maintain and/or update a fully-featured software program that provides the ability to map out the entirety of your piped gas system, with individual components barcoded for easy identification and replacement if necessary.

A medical/lab gas system’s components are linked together by the pipeline network. Failure of a major component can cause the shutdown of important areas of your facility. Kroeschell offers practical and economical solutions to help ensure that your source equipment reliability remains at its highest potential. Our planned and corrective Maintenance Programs are designed to help keep your medical/lab gas systems in peak operating condition.


    • Outlet Testing and Repairs (Including Emergency Repairs)
    • Outlet Retrofitting and Refurbishing
    • New System Verification/Certifications for New Construction (onsite inspection, testing, and performance verification of new construction renovations and additions)
    • Hospital-Wide Certification
    • In-Line Drawings Utilizing MMHSI/TSIGWorks Software
    • Line Testing and Cleaning
    • Manifold Installation and Repair
    • Medical Air Purity Testing
    • Vacuum/Medical Air Source Equipment Repair and Installation

Kroeschell can:

  • Assess the systems you have in place to determine if they meet current NFPA and Governing Bodies Criteria.
  • Evaluate your maintenance programs to determine if they meet current NFPA and Governing Bodies Criteria.
  • Provide assistance in troubleshooting and/or upgrading existing systems and provide emergency repairs upon request.
  • Create a customized annual preventative maintenance programs to meet your specific needs.