A High Standard of Workplace Safety

At Kroeschell, we’re 100% focused on ensuring a safe worksite at every facility we step foot in.

Exceptional Safety Performance to Protect Your Health and Reputation

When you choose Kroeschell, you choose a company that makes safety a top priority. Our proactive safety training program is designed to equip workers with the knowledge and skills needed to monitor and manage safety performance throughout the project — protecting contractors’ health and your corporate reputation in the process.

Our commitment to safety provides:

  • Improved On-Site Safety and Health Performance
  • Better Working Relationship with Customers
  • Improved Quality & Productivity
  • Improved Plant and Equipment Reliability

At Kroeschell, you can rest assured that all contractor employees are issued the proper personal protective equipment, receive operation of machinery safety training, abide by fall prevention measures, and are adequately equipped to mitigate other hazards that arise on a work site. We take our technicians’ health seriously and believe in implementing every necessary safety program to ensure they leave a job site in the same condition as when they arrived.

We hold ourselves and our employees accountable. We know your facility can’t afford costly violations, claims, or downtime, which is why we set clear safety goals at the onset of every project. We go out of our way to anticipate critical safety hazards, communicate regulatory compliance, and establish safety KPIs for each job site and exceed industry safety standards, as evident by our current Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of 0.70.

Safety Precautions Notice
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Uncompromised Safety, Unparalleled Service

Safety plays a significant role in our ongoing efforts to improve productivity. Through careful planning and setup, we create a working environment that mitigates risk, eliminates workplace accidents, and reduces costs. We believe that by integrating safety, quality and productivity through our methods that we increase our ability to provide fast, dependable, and expert service to our customers, achieving their most critical business and strategic objectives.

In fact, our safety performance has been so successful that many of our clients have requested us to train their staff in the “Kroeschell Way.”

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Exceeding Industry Standards

When safety is prioritized, the quality and efficiency of your operations improves

We take a customer-centric approach to ensuring your facility is safe for occupants and employees, starting with employee safety-training. Learn more about our steps to ensure safety success in the field:

  • OSHA 30 Certification for all Supervisors and Project Managers
  • OSHA 10 Certification for all Field Employees
  • EM 385 1-1 Certification
  • NFPA 70-E Certification
  • Online Safety University that Assigns and Tracks Employees’ Safety Training
  • New Employee Safety Orientation
  • Classroom Employee Safety Training
  • OSHA Confined Space Rescue Capabilities
  • Daily Job and Activity Hazard Analysis
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Kroeschell Safety Achievements

OSHA 30 Certifications Maintained by all Supervisors

Our commitment to safety starts with Kroeschell’s board of directors and flows down to each and every employee. The protection of our employees, our customers, and our subcontractors is the first consideration of our daily activities and business decisions. Safety is paramount to everything we do when we work on a project, which is why we require all supervisors and most field employees to maintain the OSHA 30 certification

Online Safety University for All Kroeschell Employees

Powered by ClickSafety, Kroeschell maintains an Online Safety University for its employees. Within this portal, our employees receive further education about safety training and their progress is tracked. They also gain access to additional safety materials and videos.

Safety Material Vending and Locker System

Our new vending system tracks and controls consumables such as safety glasses, hard hats, respirators and more. The locker system vends larger items and controls check-in and check-out of materials. Both systems require a user to enter a personal passcode, item number and job code. This promotes the use of safety materials while controlling costs and increasing worker productivity.