Helping Government Facilities Gain Efficiencies and Fulfill Critical Missions

Kroeschell has been called on to assist various government agencies with their most complex building challenges.

Leading the Way to Peak Building Performance

When government agencies are tasked with protecting the security and wellbeing of citizens, they can’t afford downtime. An electrical power outage, boiler breakdown, or faulty building automation system could mean the difference between fulfilling a critical mission or falling short — threatening the strength and reliability of our government entities.

We take that responsibility seriously. At Kroeschell, we make it our goal to equip government facilities with high-quality equipment systems to maximize building operations and efficiency. We go beyond the call of duty to provide our government partners with the level of expertise and service to protect their assets, infrastructure, and people with our wide-range of trustworthy facility maintenance offerings.

Kroeschell reputation and expertise plays a critical role in the functioning of government facilities, with services including:

  • Facility Maintenance & Repair
  • Engineering & Consulting
  • On-Site Facility Management
  • Facility Protection Services

Whether you’re a local municipality or a military base, Kroeschell’s team of professionals can help your organization drive savings through our innovative government facility solutions. With a focus on efficiency of design, we’re able to develop projects that require fewer change orders during the building phase, saving our partners time and money over the course of the project — and ensuring projects are completed on-time, within budget, and deliver long-term value.

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A Long History of Government Facility Support

With our long-history of government partnerships, we understand the intricacies of the contract review process and the requirements needed to get the job done. Kroeschell has solved complex building challenges and helped to elevate service departments to support government entities and employees across the country.

We hold high standards when it comes to safety and it shows in our track record. We currently hold an EMR rating of 0.70, and believe that when safety improves, the quality and efficiency of our services at your facility improves also. Our success allows our government partners to focus on the mission at hand.

When you partner with Kroeschell, you can rest assured you’re working with an expert team that is highly experienced, trained, and equipped to help your government facility achieve peak operations performance — every time.

Client Testimonials

"Because of their experience across design and operations of facilities across the country, we have a one-stop shop for solutions. We have access to the best thinkers in the industry. They set a new standard."

Jeff Finn

Nor’wood Development Group

"They have been with us every step of the way, from dreaming up what we wanted the space to look like to how we really wanted it to have the heart of what we do. As a small business owner, that kind of reliability and integrity has mattered so much to us."

Amber Richman

Cambio Yoga

"One thing that sets Kroeschell apart is that they are interested in what you do as an organization. When you see how they treat you … you’re not a customer. You’re a partner. It gave me a whole new respect for exactly what they are capable of doing."

John Kearney

Longtime Kroeschell Partner