Facility Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums

Kroeschell’s wide ranging building services help cultural organizations preserve their collections.

Preservation Maintenance services

Cultural and historic organizations carry the tremendous responsibility of preserving artifacts, educating guests, and serving their communities. A poorly managed facility or system malfunction not only threatens their mission and reputation — it also risks the integrity of exhibit collections.

Maintaining cultural institutions and artifacts is a vital part of preserving our heritage. At Kroeschell, we’ve partnered with a diverse range of libraries, museums, and archives to implement the archival maintenance policies and procedures each industry observes. Our deep experience in the sector means we understand the importance of maintaining temperature, humidity, lighting, and storage systems to ensure a completely controlled environment.

We provide a wide range of facility services in the archival industry to help preserve cultural materials. From mechanical design, project management and installation, to complete facility maintenance and operations, we have the ability to keep your site in peak condition. We remain dedicated to the principles of energy-efficient design and applying innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Kroeschell’s building solutions have helped our cultural institution partners:

  • Reduce energy consumption, while strictly monitoring temperature and humidity levels
  • Support lighting systems to maximize energy efficiency and meet preservation standards of artifacts and documents
  • Develop site-specific maintenance plans including HVAC, plumbing and electrical maintenance

We’ve played a key role in the functioning of libraries, archives, and museums with services, including:

  • Archival & Holdings Maintenance
  • General Facility Maintenance & Repair
  • Engineering & Consulting
  • On-site Facility Management

Kroeschell has distinguished itself from other service providers through its dedication to innovation, responsiveness, and years of experience in the field. When you partner with Kroeschell, you’ll discover an expert team that is passionate about solving complex building challenges, while ensuring your institution’s mission comes first.

Archival Maintenance Team Member
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Condensers And Building Automation Lines

Client Testimonials

"Because of their experience across design and operations of facilities across the country, we have a one-stop shop for solutions. We have access to the best thinkers in the industry. They set a new standard."

Jeff Finn

Nor’wood Development Group

"They have been with us every step of the way, from dreaming up what we wanted the space to look like to how we really wanted it to have the heart of what we do. As a small business owner, that kind of reliability and integrity has mattered so much to us."

Amber Richman

Cambio Yoga

"One thing that sets Kroeschell apart is that they are interested in what you do as an organization. When you see how they treat you … you’re not a customer. You’re a partner. It gave me a whole new respect for exactly what they are capable of doing."

John Kearney

Longtime Kroeschell Partner

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Archive and Museum Case Studies

Our customers entrust us to design, build, service and operate some of the most advanced equipment at top facilities around the world. Read our case studies to see how we put Kroeschell’s innovative facility solutions to work.