Critical Facilities Support for Data Center Operations

Data centers across the country entrust Kroeschell to service its systems’ infrastructure.

Minimize risk with our dependable operations and maintenance programs

A fully-functioning data center is as important as the people, IT systems, and the businesses it protects. A server outage or equipment malfunction at your data center could result in an array of problems, including lost or compromised data, cyberthreat activity, or business loss.

According to experts, nearly 70% of data center outages, including those related to electrical, plumbing, or environmental factors, are directly attributable to human error. With the increase in building automation and equipment, the importance of a properly managed maintenance and operations program isn’t just procedural — it’s mission critical.

Kroeschell offers data center maintenance service to ensure reliable operation of the critical mechanical systems installed in your facility. Our management and field technicians have a thorough understanding of data center facility supporting infrastructure and are highly-trained to provide superior service and data operations support to mitigate potential risks.

At Kroeschell, we understand the high-level elements required to efficiently operate your data center throughout the entire lifecycle. Our long standing reputation and expertise play a critical role in the functioning of data centers with services including:

  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Rack-based air handling equipment
  • Building HVAC
  • UPS & Batteries
  • Static switching equipment
  • Free standing & rack based power distribution and equipment
  • Power & data cable physical inspection
  • Generator and automatic transfer switch equipment
  • Sprinkler systems

We know that data center technology is vital to business success, and is also one of the biggest investments an organization can make. That’s why we provide a comprehensive service plan specifically designed to deploy preventative maintenance, reliable 24/7 emergency service, and corrective service for data center facilities. Over the years, we’ve helped customers avoid disruptions at data centers across the country.

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Data Center Boiler Unit
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Reduce costs with Kroeschell’s data center maintenance services

Kroeschell provides data center maintenance services that reduce hard costs and creates time by freeing up resources to focus on company innovation and productivity. Our services have benefited clients by:

  • Minimizing downtime
  • Reducing risk
  • Providing Emergency Response Repair
  • Completing equipment upgrades, replacements, and retrofits
  • Implementing Predictive Maintenance
  • Offering standby services

At Kroeschell, we take stock in helping organizations prepare for or prevent failures by leveraging our deep experience in the field. When you partner with us, you gain access to a proactive team that follows industry-leading best practices who demonstrate a commitment to finding solutions that will help your data center facility gain a competitive edge from Day One.

Client Testimonials

"Because of their experience across design and operations of facilities across the country, we have a one-stop shop for solutions. We have access to the best thinkers in the industry. They set a new standard."

Jeff Finn

Nor’wood Development Group

"They have been with us every step of the way, from dreaming up what we wanted the space to look like to how we really wanted it to have the heart of what we do. As a small business owner, that kind of reliability and integrity has mattered so much to us."

Amber Richman

Cambio Yoga

"One thing that sets Kroeschell apart is that they are interested in what you do as an organization. When you see how they treat you … you’re not a customer. You’re a partner. It gave me a whole new respect for exactly what they are capable of doing."

John Kearney

Longtime Kroeschell Partner

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Additional Services

General Contracting

Kroeschell can take your construction project from start to finish. We provide hands-on construction, project management and development services to meet aggressive schedules at competitive prices.

MEP Design-Build Engineering

Whether you’re looking to work with an MEP engineer to assist with HVAC system planning, plumbing installation, or to provide a building automation solution, you can count on Kroeschell.


From routine electrical and plumbing repair to systems maintenance, Kroeschell’s experienced team is there to solve your complex building challenges with innovative facility solutions.

Building Automation

Kroeschell designs, instalsl, services, monitors and maintains building automation systems to increase energy efficiency, improve maintenance times, and lower operational costs.

Industrial Wastewater

Kroeschell provides a wide range of environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment solutions, including the proper treatment, disposal, and recycling for wastewater reuse.

Machine Relocation

Whether you’re looking to relocate a single piece of equipment or move an entire production line, Kroeschell can provide safe dismantling and machinery moving within your budget and compliance requirements.