Providing Facility Operations and Maintenance Services for Kirtland AFB Medical

The U.S. Air Force base entrusts Kroeschell’s technicians to handle all of its HVAC needs, improving energy efficiency and prolonging the life cycle of its real estate assets.

About this project

Kroeschell provides operations and maintenance for an Air Force Base’s medical facilities.


Kroeschell provides operations and maintenance for an Air Force Base’s medical facilities. Each building has varying equipment; therefore, their needs are different:

  • Medical Treatment Facility maintenance includes two (2) 250 ton chillers, two (2) 250 ton cooling towers, one (1) 100 ton chiller, one (1) 50 ton data center cooling split system, two (2) high pressure steam reducing stations, eight (8) air handlers, three (3) elevators, one (1) medical gas supply system, one (1) medical vacuum system, one (1) BAS system (Alerton).
  • Dental Facility maintenance includes one (1) 50-ton air cooled chiller, one (1) emergency diesel generator, one (1) low vacuum system, one (1) high vacuum system, two (2) medical air compressors, two (2) air handlers, two (2) autoclaves.
  • Veterinarian Clinic maintenance includes one (1) 20-ton split system and one (1) surgical suite.
  • Logistics Warehouse maintenance includes one (1) 25-ton split system.


Kroeschell has completed numerous facility improvements including:

  • Installation of solar bollard lighting throughout campus sidewalks. All campus sidewalks are now illuminated at night by batteries that are charged by solar energy.
  • Replacement of sidewalks and trees, and complete repavement and landscaping of sidewalk at a dental clinic. Included underground sprinkler system for watering plants.
  • Installation of new steam and condensate flow metering systems.
  • Remodel of facility shower rooms.
  • Repair and replacement of major portions of clinic roof.
  • Installation of server room A/C split-system.
  • Replacement of facility medical gas air compressor and vacuum system.
  • Upgrade to existing security key-card system.
  • Replacement of two 100 ton chillers, two cooling towers, one air handling unit.
  • Replaced electrical switchgear.


With the replacements and upgrades to the HVAC and motion control lighting systems, the Air Force Base recognized major improvements in their energy efficiency. Additionally, Kroeschell was able to enhance and prolong the life cycle for many of the other existing real estate assets.
Monitoring System Kirtland Afb

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