Models for Outsourcing Facilities Management

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As the overall marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, businesses must find ways to tighten their proverbial belts. One common strategy is outsourcing non-core activities, and facilities management is often an area ripe for outsourcing to a third-party service provider. Depending on your business, the size and expertise of your facilities management staff, and cost-cutting goals, you […]

Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist

facility maintenance checklist

In today’s modern world, everyone expects commercial buildings to be perfectly climate-controlled, clean, and in good repair. It is simply taken for granted that the myriad of systems, equipment, and other building details are properly handled, which puts a great deal of pressure on facility managers to stay on top of maintenance and repair. Emergency […]

Ground-Up Construction Versus Renovation

Ground-up construction

When your business grows, you need to make important decisions about your building.
Do you build from the ground up or renovate your existing building?
In this video, we’ll show you the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Sustainable HVAC Systems

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Universities are responsible for molding the minds of future generations, so it’s important that they understand the need for sustainability and reducing environmental impact for the sake of those students.

Preventative Maintenance for Universities

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Most universities respond to issues with reactive maintenance, a lot of stress, and high costs. This is where a preventative maintenance plan will make a significant impact.

The Complete Guide to Machine Moves

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The Complete Guide to Machine Moves Business is booming. You’ve squeezed every square inch out of your current facility, are running three full-time shifts around the clock, and are keeping production lines going 24/7. It’s time to relocate to a new campus with room to grow and expand. As exciting as that can be for […]

Optimize Your Budget with Building Automation

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The management team of an older commercial office building knows their energy bills are high. They direct their maintenance staff to address the issue by making it a departmental goal and tying individual performance to such metrics but fail to provide enough resources to implement automation technology. The maintenance team does its best by implementing […]

The Pros and Cons of Ground-Up Construction and Renovation Projects

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BLOG HIGHLIGHTS When should I invest in ground-up construction? When is a renovation the best choice for my business? What are the pros and cons of each? Have your building needs changed, requiring you to make a tough decision? You can either build a new space or renovate your current building to accommodate what you […]

Do you know what it takes to complete a machine installation?

Machine Installation

Watch the complete machine installation for SMF, from demo to concrete to final build! Every step of this process was carefully planned and executed by the Kroeschell team to ensure an on-schedule installation. There was no room for error with only feet of clearance at this massive installation. Need experts to help with your machine […]