Medical Clinic Renovations at Scott Air Force Base

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The 932nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron, along with two other squadrons, were collocated in a lower level of a hospital building at Scott Air Force Base. Lack of space was a common obstacle as the number of personnel assigned to squadrons continued to grow. To alleviate the overcrowding of the space, the base resolved that the 4th floor B-Wing of the hospital building would be renovated to support their expanding needs.


Kroeschell was selected to manage the complete renovation process of the 7,800 SF. clinic including 14 subcontractors that provided all the mechanical/electrical/plumbing installation as well as the fire alarm system, sprinkler system, carpentry, painting, lighting, etc.

The final construction included:

  • Conference rooms
  • Patient care rooms
  • Medical records room
  • Waiting area
  • Kitchen and washroom

Additionally, Kroeschell discovered that the air handling unit in use at the time was supplying an inadequate amount of air to the 4th and 5th floor B-Wings — the designated floors it was required to serve. To resolve this, Kroeschell fully designed and installed a new air handling unit that provides sufficient heating and cooling loads to those areas.

As the project progressed, modifications were added to the contract that included:

  • Construction of a new loading dock
  • Waterproofing of the adjacent building foundation
  • Renovation of the 5th floor corridors of wings A, B, and C


The renovation of the 4th floor B-Wing has provided the 932nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron with a more organized environment with state-of-the-art treatment rooms, space for training and areas where physicians and other providers are able to do their documentation in a quiet setting.

The renovations have also decreased maintenance costs as the new air handling unit is a more efficient and reliable system.

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The 932nd Airlift Wing is an Air Force Reserve unit located at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. The unit provides first-class, worldwide, safe and reliable airlift for congressional and military leaders and their staffs, flying C-40C aircraft.


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