Pharmaceutical Facility Process Piping Installation

About This Project

A leading healthcare manufacturer was expanding its operations to meet customer demands and needed the technical and professional experience of Kroeschell to install a new mixing system.


In 2011, a leading healthcare product provider was seeing so much growth that the company decided it was time to install a third mixing system to increase its mixing capacity. However, the company realized the job was bigger than just installing a third system. It also required significant mechanical, engineering and general construction work.


The manufacturer selected Kroeschell over other contractors including the original mix system manufacturer thanks to our experience, reliability and high level of craftsmanship. In the healthcare manufacturing world, the strictest standard must be met.

The project included:

  • Relocating an existing clean in place (CIP) system
  • Installing three tanks, three transfer panels and five process pumps.
  • Linking the tanks, transfer panels, process pumps, and CIP system with high purity process piping.
  • Fabricating hot water and chilled water piping loops feeding the tanks.
  • Installing valving and instrumentation throughout the system along with the associated pneumatic tubing and control wiring.

The project used a 3-phase approach to ensure a smooth install and minimize manufacturing downtown. Phase 1 included relocation of the CIP system. Phase 2 included the fabrication of the new mix system. Phase 3 included upgrading one of the existing mix systems.


Kroeschell completed all three phases by September 2012 and the results of the project include:

  • Increased capacity
  • Improved manufacturing cycle time
  • Reduced operator intervention

With these results, the manufacturer can now support its expanding operation and meet the demands of its customers.

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Customer Profile

Our customer is a manufacturer and distributor of health and personal care products for the hospital and retail markets throughout the world. The company’s goal is to help improve patient safety and outcomes by preventing skin breakdown, healthcare-associated pneumonias, surgical site infections and other adverse events.


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