Data Center Maintenance

Data center technology is critical to the overall organization’s IT operations. Not only is this where data is held, it is also one of the biggest investments for most organizations. Companies depend on this equipment to run effectively free of disruption.

Kroeschell offers a Data Center Maintenance Service to ensure the reliable operation of the critical mechanical systems installed in your facility. We have a thorough understanding of data center facility supporting infrastructure systems used today. Therefore, our management and field technicians are in the best position to provide superior service and data center operations support.

A comprehensive service plan is specifically designed to provide preventive maintenance, reliable 24/7 emergency service and corrective service for the data center.

Data Center Services:

    • Air conditioning equipment
    • Rack-based air handling equipment
    • Building HVAC
    • UPS & Batteries
    • Static switching equipment
    • Free standing & rack-based power distribution equipment
    • Power & data cable physical inspection
    • Generator and automatic transfer switch equipment
    • Fire suppression & detection equipment
    • Sprinkler systems

Kroeschell provides data center maintenance services that reduce hard costs and create time, by freeing resources to focus on company innovation and productivity.

Data Center Maintenance Services help:

  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce risk
  • Emergency Response Repair
  • Equipment Upgrades / Replacements / Retrofits
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Standby Services