Fire Safety Requirements

Kroeschell will ensure that all records storage areas have a professionally designed fire detection and suppression system designed to limit loss to a maximum of 300 cubic feet in case of a fire.

Some of the criteria we ensure your facility meets include:

    • All walls separating records storage areas from each other and from storage areas within the building must be at least 3-hour fire barrier walls.
    • The quantity of Federal records stored in a single records storage area must not exceed 250,000 cubic feet.
    • The fire resistive rating of the roof must be a minimum of ½ hour.
    • Unrated roof is protected with an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 13.
    • Open flame (oil or gas) unit heaters or equipment, if used, must be installed or used in any records storage area in accordance with NFPA 54 and the Uniform Mechanical Code.
    • All electrical wiring must be in metal conduit, except that armored cable may be used where flexible wiring connections to light fixtures are required.
    • Hazardous materials must not be stored in records storage areas.
    • Openings in fire barrier walls must be protected by self-closing or automatic Class A fire doors, or equivalent doors that maintain the same rating as the wall.
    • Building columns in records storage areas must be 1-hour fire resistant.
    • No oil-type transformers, except thermally protected devices included in light ballasts, may be installed in records storage areas.
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