Machine Relocation

Kroeschell is a leader in equipment relocation services. We provide consulting, detailed logistical plans and project cost estimates that will meet and exceed your operational needs. Whether we are relocating a single piece of equipment or an entire production line, our highly skilled industrial Machine Relocation Team gets the job done safely and efficiently.

We have helped our clients improve the efficiency of their operations through our designs and strategic machine positioning to maximize flow. If there is a unique challenge facing our client, we know how to develop cost-effective solutions. Because of our experience, we are able to complete installations and machine moves in less time than other companies, and staying within – while striving to come in under – your budget requirements.


  • Feasibility and Cost Budgeting
  • Turnkey Plant Relocation
  • Facility Preparation and Utility Management
  • Local Trucking and Transportation Coordination
  • Decommissioning, Demolition and Clean-Up
  • Machinery Moving and Rigging
    • Certified Heavy Lift Rigging and Machinery Moving
    • Complex Machines and Move Environments
    • New Machine Unloading and Unpacking
  • Machine Foundations and Floors
    • Concrete Cutting and Excavation
    • Installation and Painting of Reinforced Foundations
  • Machinery Installation
    • Millwright and Precision Alignment Services
    • Custom Metal Fabrication
    • Machinery Ducting and Custom Hoods
    • Installation of Wiring, Air and Water Connections
    • Certification of Proper Machine Operation


  • Lower installation costs
  • One stop installation (Kroeschell Operations will install, wire, pipe and have ready for run-off)
  • One company to partner with instead of multiple contractors
  • Increased installation flexibility
  • A true partnership with the customer’s success in mind
  • Unsurpassed commitment to the customer