Micro-Climate Monitoring and Control

Kroeschell maintains the temperature and humidity levels of your archival space, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, based on your program set point, and makes sure daily fluctuations do not exceed 5°F and ±5% relative humidity. We also ensure seasonal movements between these set points do not exceed 5% per month while staying within the ±5% daily band restriction.We make certain your facility is designed to accommodate external climate extremes in certain geographical locations in a highly energy efficient manner.

Temperature Capabilities:


Kroeschell’s temperature parameters for storage rooms are set not to exceed 65°F and not to go lower than 50°F. We work with your facility to customize the room by room temperatures.

Data Trending

Kroeschell collects both temperature and relative humidity data at least hourly and makes it available to facility managers for the previous twelve months.

Air Quality

Kroeschell reviews air quality, including pollutant levels and filtration of make-up air as well as the amount of make-up air in storage areas. We maintain positive air pressure in critical spaces.

Relative Humidity Capabilities:


In certain areas of archival facilities, the relative humidity that we keep, 30-50%, reflects the current standard of 35-45%, ±5%. Maintaining the relative humidity will reduce the need to humidify and dehumidify and accommodates for the seasonal drift.

For winter months, our philosophy is to keep relative humidity on the lower end of the spectrum to support long-term preservation and save energy. The reverse is true for summer.


Kroeschell requires a tighter relative humidity range for artifact storage areas, maintaining humidity between 40-50% RH and always keeping it above 35%. Kroeschell understands that mixed media can be found in the artifact holdings and requires proper temperature and humidity that exceeds the standards.


Kroeschell maintains audiovisual storage areas at 30-40% RH.