Service and Maintenance Contracts

Kroeschell provides comprehensive service contracts to meet all of your mechanical and maintenance needs. From full coverage agreements that encompass your entire mechanical system to preventive plans that cover just one piece of major equipment, Kroeschell can develop a unique plan that meets the needs of your facility.

Our most utilized contract agreements include:

Full-Coverage Service Contract

A full-coverage service contract provides 100% coverage of labor, parts, and materials as well as emergency service. This type of contract can cover all of your building equipment or for only the most critical equipment, depending on your needs. This type of contract always include comprehensive preventive maintenance for the covered equipment and systems.

Preventive-Maintenance Service Contract

The preventive-maintenance (PM) contract includes a number of scheduled and rigorous activities such as changing belts and filters, cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, lubricating motors and bearings, cleaning and maintaining cooling towers, testing control functions and calibration, and painting for corrosion control.

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