Trusted Machine Maintenance for World’s Most-Admired Candy Maker

Kroeschell was brought in to help Mars Wrigley Innovation Center key-up its R&D production plant.

About this project

The Wrigley Global Innovation Center needed help with machine maintenance in their Research & Development plant – and they selected Kroeschell over the major manufacturers.


The Wrigley Global Innovation Center is a critical part of the admired candy maker, and the Research & Development arm of the company cannot afford downtime. They must maintain specific temperature and humidity conditions for their delicate confections. They selected Kroeschell over the major manufacturers because of our experience with a wider range of machines.


Kroeschell implemented a customer maintenance program for Wrigley that maintains complete responsibility for every machine in the plant. This included four chillers for comfort cooling as well as machines in the production plant. The Kroeschell team worked hard to minimize unscheduled downtime through an aggressive machine maintenance program that focuses on identifying issues before they lead to breakdowns.


Since Wrigley selected Kroeschell for machine maintenance in 2007, Kroeschell’s role with the company has expanded to include:

  • Construction jobs
  • Boiler retrofits
  • General service calls
Boiler Setup At Wrigley Innovation Center

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