Creating a Comfortable Campus at University of Illinois at Chicago

Learn how Kroeschell’s trusted service technicians have maintained a comfortable learning environment at the university since the 1960s.

About this project

Kroeschell has worked with the University of Illinois at Chicago since the 1960s. Since then, Kroeschell has been tasked with maintaining climate control systems across nearly 150 buildings.


UIC needed a service provider to maintain their climate control systems across nearly 150 buildings for a University spread throughout Chicago, including everything from dormitories to scientific laboratories.

They called upon Kroeschell to provide the service because they knew from experience that Kroeschell not only has the knowledge and skills but also has a team focused on customer satisfaction.


With two primary service technicians on site supported by two secondary technicians, Kroeschell has maintained a system that includes:

  • Multiple air handlers
  • Heating and cooling
  • Building automation


By making available a full suite of service offerings, including on site and on call OEM trained service technicians, Kroeschell has ensured a comfortable environment for students and, at the same time, protected invaluable scientific experiments and critical equipment.

Kroeschell has been with UIC since the 1960s and has maintained that relationship throughout the years. Today, our systems allow the university to keep office air conditioning tolerances of +/- four degrees and certain equipment within +/- one-tenth of one degree.

Cold Water Lines And Gauge

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Kroeschell Service Van Outside Uic
Valves At Uic Boiler Room

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