Machine Relocation Time Cut in Half for Fortune 50 Equipment Manufacturer

Kroeschell’s expert contractors gave CAT a complete turnkey solution to keep on-site production up-and-running.

About this project

A Fortune 100 Company was consolidating two manufacturing facilities and needed to relocate over 300 pieces of equipment that encompassed 220,000 SF of space.


The relocation required shipments to travel over a 1,200 mile distance, with 27% of the equipment reinstalled at an international location. Due to the large scale of the project with a tight eight-month completion period, Kroeschell was met with certain challenges:

  • Two installation crews were required: one for uninstalling equipment and a separate crew for re-installing at the final destination. Utilizing this arrangement meant that the reinstallation team had to wait until the equipment arrived to identify the type and size of utility connections that were required, prolonging the installation process.
  • At the final destination, the customer required that the machines be installed in a 72-hour window to meet their designated testing timeline. Additionally, machines would not necessarily be configured in the same manner as they were at their original location.


Kroeschell brought the teams together three times a week from across the country to discuss challenges and formulate solutions that would optimize the relocation. The team launched the following strategies:

  • Established a comprehensive method for tracking and labeling parts and connections. The uninstall team completed quality control measures for each piece of equipment. These included indicating the location of utilities such as water and electricity and the size of connection pipes that would be required to complete the installation. The extra step in the labeling process provided the reinstallation crew with the information they needed to develop a plan for when the equipment arrived, allowing them to complete the move more quickly and smoothly.
  • Prepared international shipments utilizing the correct policies and procedures. Kroeschell designed and constructed all wooden shipping crates onsite and followed appropriate inspection guidelines to efficiently and accurately relocate equipment.
  • Utilized an experienced process maintenance team. The team not only met the 72-hour installation window but also reconfigured machines as needed to fit new space requirements and to optimize them for better efficiency.


Kroeschell relocated all equipment within the allotted timeframe and to the customer’s specifications. The strategies that Kroeschell integrated provided the customer with both time and cost savings.
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