Why Kroeschell

Because Dependability Matters

We deliver world-class maintenance, repair and operations services by well-trained, dependable professionals who implement site-specific programs designed to reduce your overall operating costs and keep your property safe, clean, comfortable and energy efficient.

Because Customer Service Matters

Kroeschell prides itself on its long history of customer service. Our commitment and responsiveness to your facility is the Kroeschell Advantage. We work on your buildings as if they were our own and find ways to reduce costs, increase value and drive efficiency. Kroeschell puts customer service first, creating a partnership with our clients where they can depend on us to deliver results on-time and within budget.

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Because Experience Matters

We have over 135 years experience as a proven leader in HVAC, refrigeration, temperature control and building automation for facilities throughout the country. Kroeschell is large enough to take on the most complex tasks at a competitive price, yet agile enough to respond rapidly to your special needs.

With our experience, knowledge and exceptional customer service, we can keep your systems operating efficiently 24/7. Our team knows how to prevent system failure and unscheduled downtime through proactive service, preventive maintenance and selective downtime.

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Because Knowledge Matters

Our in-house team of engineers, project managers, superintendents and site managers are dedicated to adding value to your project or facility. Each of our executive level professionals have over 20 years of industry knowledge that allows us to deliver the right results at the right time.

You will benefit from an optimal solution that utilizes the skills and knowledge of a leading mechanical service provider.

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Because Safety Matters

Safety plays a significant role in our ongoing efforts to improve productivity. Through careful planning and set up, we create a safe working environment. This reduces risk, and reduced risk means fewer accidents. And an accident-free project reduces cost and downtime. We believe that by integrating safety, quality and productivity in this way, we increase our ability to provide fast, dependable, expert service our customers need to successfully achieve their most vital business and strategic objectives.

We will never compromise safety.

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