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Discover how Kroeschell leads in enhancing military readiness through Department of Defense federal government projects.

In Department of Defense federal government projects, there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. These initiatives are not just about national defense; they’re also about enhancing service members’ lives, building capacity for military operations, and ensuring optimal health outcomes. By diving into this topic, you’ll get an inside look at how infrastructure maintenance and upgrades play a critical role in force protection and deterrence strategies. 

This post will give you actionable insights into the strategic importance of facility maintenance within the Department of Defense—from earthquake renewal efforts to innovative healthcare solutions. You’ll learn why maintaining innovative facilities is essential for mission success and how it contributes to both national security and service member readiness.

Kroeschell’s Expertise in DOD Facility Maintenance

Maintaining Department of Defense facilities is no small feat. It requires a specialized skill set, dedication to service members, and an understanding of the unique needs federal government projects demand. Kroeschell has been at the forefront of this demanding task, and it goes beyond service. Kroeschell is the first call made when an emergency happens, too.

Scott Cosgrove, the President of Kroeschell Operations, explained, “We had an Oklahoma Air Force Clinic get hit by a disaster and lose power. They had a diesel generator keeping them open, but they needed to restore their power as soon as possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the diesel. Within 24 hours, we got their power back on. Even though we weren’t their electric contractor, they called us because they knew they could rely on us in an emergency.”

We’re sharing this and five more stories from our Department of Defense experience.

Aero-Medical Facilities Earthquake Renewal & Repair

When Elmendorf AFB faced earthquake damage, Kroeschell jumped into action. Their response showcased not just their repair skills but also their commitment to ensuring our service members have safe and fully operational facilities. Over a year from December 2019 through December 2020, they managed an extensive 8,700 Sq Ft renewal project that underscored their ability to handle natural disasters with precision and care.

“I got a call at 2:00am that a hurricane hit a DOD clinic in Boston,” Cosgrove recalled. “Within inches, they had inches of rain in the clinic. That can cause all sorts of problems. We met them at the clinic, de-watered it, and they didn’t even lose one day of use.”

Capacity Building through Infrastructure Projects

Kroeschell’s work at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, is a prime example of enhancing military operations. From September 2018 to October 2019, they renovated 155,831 Sq Ft for the Medical Facilities Renewal & Repair 2nd Medical Group. This project wasn’t just about fixing up a building; it was about ensuring our service members have top-notch medical facilities.

This kind of infrastructure upgrade is crucial for capacity building within military forces. It’s not just bricks and mortar—it’s readiness and operational efficiency we’re talking about here. By improving these essential facilities, Kroeschell plays a significant role in making sure that when duty calls, our forces are ready to answer with everything they need at their disposal.

AHU-3 & AHU-4 Replacement for Bedded Hospital

Fort Carson, CO, saw a game-changer in patient care and health outcomes with the AHU-3 & AHU-4 replacements. This project spanned from November 2016 to November 2018, covering nearly 50,000 Sq Ft of space.

Kroeschell’s innovative solutions didn’t just meet standards; they set new ones in hospital operations. Kroeschell ensured service members received top-notch care without interruption by focusing on best practices during this crucial maintenance period.

Their approach highlights how critical infrastructure is to mission readiness and force protection. With strategic upgrades like these, facilities can better serve those who protect us every day. Learn more about how military installations are keeping pace with technology and safety requirements.

Enhancing Force Protection through Facility Upgrades

Upgrading facilities at Fairchild Airforce Base in Spokane, Washington wasn’t just a facelift. It was about force protection and deterring war.

The project spanned from September 2014 to March 2016, covering an impressive 136,600 Sq Ft. This massive undertaking replaced and realigned the AHUs, scheduling all outages on the weekends to prevent patient disruptions. They set up infection control barriers to isolate 3-4 exam rooms at a time during ductwork, keeping the facility up and running throughout the project.


Kroeschell’s Role in Government Services Enhancement

At the heart of military readiness lies not just strategy and manpower but also the state-of-the-art facilities where these forces train. Kroeschell has played a pivotal role, particularly with its project at Lackland AFB in CITY, TX, enhancing government services through diligent facility maintenance and upgrades. Spanning from September 2012 to May 2014, this endeavor covered an impressive 37,842 Sq Ft area.

They project managed and designed the mechanical systems for the medical-surgical training building. They completed the work without interrupting patient care.


Department of Defense is Never Off-Duty

Exploring Department of Defense federal government projects reveals a fusion of service, security, and innovation. It’s all about making sure our military is ready, protected, and ahead of the curve.

Key takeaways? First off, maintaining top-notch facilities isn’t just upkeep; it’s about ensuring every service member has what they need to succeed. Next up: Upgrades aren’t optional—they’re essential for keeping threats at bay and boosting force protection.

To wrap this up: Keep these insights in mind because understanding the depth of these projects is key to appreciating their impact on national security and human development alike.


Kroeschell delivers the right building solutions, at the right time. Ready to learn more about our facilities engineering, maintenance, and operations services?

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