Andover Controls Installed in Chicago High-Rise

About This Project

When it came time for a Chicago high-rise to address a new set of control challenges, they turned to Kroeschell.


For over 15 years, Kroeschell has maintained the building automation system (BAS) for a 40-story high-rise condominium in downtown Chicago. Naturally, when it came time for the high-rise to address a new set of control challenges, they turned to Kroeschell.


This project consisted of adding Andover controls to:

  • The upgraded penthouse air-handling unit (AHU).
  • The new Multi-Stack chiller with BACnet interface.
  • The BACnet CO detector and ventilation system in the parking garage.

The make-up air handling unit that serves heating and cooling for all public areas in the high-rise was outdated and needed to be replaced. After the new AHU was installed, Kroeschell added
Andover controls as well as created customized front-end graphics (the supervisory layer) for the building automation system. This allowed for efficient communication between the system and the building engineers.

Also, a new chiller plant had been installed to supply the newly updated AHU with cooled air. Andover controls were added to the new chiller system giving the high-rise the ability to cool public
spaces more efficiently throughout the year.

The final phase of the project included adding BACnet CO detectors and Andover controls throughout the parking garage. Before the installation of the detectors there was no ventilation;
however, now the building engineers can communicate directly with the CO detectors and position the system to alarm when the CO level reaches a certain set point. The controls will then trigger dampers to open and fans to turn, providing immediate ventilation.


Since the installation of new equipment and controls, the building has seen great energy savings in conjunction with the ability to better control and communicate with their mechanical systems.

In addition, the new BACnet CO detector system and controls in the parking garage yielded a $45,000 energy rebate for the building.

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The 40-story high-rise condominium in downtown Chicago can be found at 400 E. Randolph Street (formerly known as Outer East Drive). Designed by Reinheimer & Associates, the building consists of residential condominiums, though there are a few commercial properties in the building.


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