Data Center Maintenance and Repair

About This Project

Our customer was in need of an outsourced HVAC and mechanical system service provider for their data center in a north suburb of Chicago.


The data center equipment consists of:

  • Four (4) Liebert A/C Systems
  • Three (3) Carrier A/C Systems for the UPS room
  • Five (5) Liebert Dry Cooler Systems
  • Five (5) Marsh Condenser Pumps
  • 52 Carrier Rooftop Heating/Cooling Units
  • Andover Building Automation System

Kroeschell stood out from the competition due to our ability to provide full coverage service on all their data center equipment and systems, our reputation for both quality work and quick emergency response times and our long standing relationship with our customer. We have installed numerous chiller units in two of their large high-rise buildings in downtown Chicago as well as performed major inspections, maintenance and repair to the equipment in those facilities.


Our customer selected Kroeschell as their service contractor of choice, and for the past 20 years, we have been providing full coverage maintenance and repair of their data center mechanical systems. Our contract covers full coverage quarterly service and emergency response.

Over the course of the contract, Kroeschell has provided such precise preventive maintenance on the equipment that in the 20 years of service, only two cooling systems needed to be replaced and only one additional rooftop cooling system for their UPS room needed to be installed.

Throughout the life of the contract, Kroeschell has always taken response time very seriously:

  • We respond to all emergency communications in 50% less time than the industry standard response time.
  • When an emergency call is made, the same Kroeschell technician conducts the maintenance and/or repair.

This has allowed Kroeschell to build a personal relationship with our customer, which has led to complete confidence in our work and total customer satisfaction.

Under our contract, we have implemented a customized maintenance schedule that meets the unique needs of our customer.  It requires our technicians to be accessible 24/7 and supports training to onsite personnel. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge so our customers become familiar with their own data center equipment. This allows them to recognize problems quickly, diagnosis them and even fix minor issues on their own.

We also take the time to recommend energy efficiency initiatives and make them aware of new technology or upgrades that will decrease energy costs. It is our objective to provide the best service possible.


Kroeschell has provided our customer with an extraordinary cost effective maintenance solution and remarkably high quality service for 20 years.

Our services provide:

  • Continuous data center uptime.
  • Energy efficient upgrades that provide government rebates and major cost savings.
  • Renowned emergency response time.
  • In-depth facility and equipment knowledge from our expert technicians.

Our relationship has grown over the course of two decades, and due to our remarkable customer service, Kroeschell now provides maintenance and repair service to other HVAC systems outside the data center.

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