Innovative Design Assist

As delivery methods continue to evolve, it’s important to step back and understand which one makes the most sense for your project. Each approach has benefits depending on the complexity of the project and objectives of the building program to be undertaken.

Design-assist contracting is a construction management method to improve quality and maintain cost. It is most commonly used when a specialty trade, fabrication or building method requires a unique solution or set of trade skills.

Additionally, design-assist is a collaborative, team-oriented method that capitalizes on the benefits of early engagement of all parties — including the design team, contractor and key subcontractors. The objective of this collaboration is to understand the design and constructability aspects prior to actual construction. This allows the team to mitigate potential conflicts and limit scope creep before you ever break ground.

As a design-assist subcontractor, Kroeschell’s involvement from project inception means we are able to provide more accurate estimates and understand the potential impact of escalation issues on the project schedule and budget. We can also aid in tracking costs and ensuring that the quality and functionality of the building are not adversely impacted.

Kroeschell brings an expanded team to your project during preconstruction to augment the design team in their efforts. Our primary focus is to work side-by-side with the design professionals to create the best solution to meet all of your needs.

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