Fast Track Capabilities

Fast-track construction compresses a project schedule by running construction services and design phases concurrently. Design may run as little as a week ahead of construction, and myriad design decisions are made in the field.

Kroeschell’s team of fast track professionals have the knowledge and expertise required to react immediately to the demands of small, fast paced projects; place men on-site within hours notice; and wrap up projects quickly. We collaborate with the owner, general contractor, and engineer to develop a portion of a design needed to begin the field-installation while we continue to work with the project’s various designers to complete a coordinated set of construction documents in advance of the sequence of construction.

When your project requires immediate action to meet tight deadlines, Kroeschell can work with you to complete certain phases of construction or design ahead of schedule, or concurrently, to save time. Realizing that time is money, this process translates into net savings to the owner by reducing construction-related general conditions costs and also allowing an owner to open the doors of their new facility for business much sooner than a normal construction process provides. We are your full-service general contractor of choice when quality and schedule matter!

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