Utility and Building Services

Your utility and building services literally can make or break your operation – from the lights coming on in the morning (or staying on all night) to making sure the restrooms are functioning properly. We not only manage every aspect of your utility and building maintenance, we also understand what it takes to make sure it all remains up to code, legal and safe.

Building operations and maintenance significantly impact not just the owner’s costs, but the performance of the building itself, which is especially important in critical environments. Kroeschell’s team provides a single point of accountability for utility and building service requirements, working with clients in an ongoing relationship to oversee maintenance staff and implement practices that will optimize the performance of building operations and enhance environmental quality.

Facilities managers help clients set goals and outline procedures for managing sustainable operations throughout the life of the building, including basic facility management and maintenance practices for indoor environmental quality, energy, and other resource efficiencies.


    • HVAC repair and maintenance
    • Compressed air systems maintenance
    • Chilled water systems maintenance
    • Steam system maintenance and repair
    • Machine tool repair
    • Industrial lighting maintenance and repair
    • Building preventive maintenance
    • Fluid management (tank farm operations, machine coolant systems maintenance and operation, and cutting fluid and cleaning system maintenance)
    • Wall to wall building services
    • Industrial cleaning and painting


  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased maintenance staff flexibility
  • Improved preventive and predictive maintenance standards
  • A true partnership with the customer’s success in mind
  • Unsurpassed commitment to uptime
  • Improved asset management