What is Ground-up Construction?

Are you at a crossroads?


Your business is growing and you need to make a decision: am I going to renovate or build a new building?


Operations have a lot to handle on a day-to-day basis, including the building. As businesses grow and expand, many find themselves in a difficult position with the current structure and space. Maybe the area needs an upgrade, or there is not enough room for the expanded business. 


When the building becomes a problem for the business, you have a tough decision to make.


Will you build a new building with ground-up construction or renovate your existing building?


What is ground-up construction, and when is ground-up construction the right choice for your business?

Ground-up construction is the construction of an entirely new building. The benefit of building an entirely new space is you have complete control over the space and can customize the building to fit your business needs exactly. There are endless possibilities with a ground-up construction project, from choosing 100% sustainable materials to creating income opportunities with tenant spaces. 


However, ground-up construction can take years, be more expensive than renovating existing space, and might not be the right choice for every business.


If you do not have the time, energy, and resources for ground-up construction, a renovation might be the best choice for your business. Renovations allow you to use the existing building, are faster, and generally less expensive compared to new construction.

When you are looking at the options for your business, consider your timeframe, available resources, and business needs before making a decision. Either choice will have significant impacts on your business, and you want to ensure the final building will meet all of the business needs. 

Kroeschell can help you determine if a renovation or ground-up construction is the right choice for your business.

Contact the Kroeschell team to start planning your building renovation or ground-up construction today!


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