Energy Conservation at an Air Force Medical Facility

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Kroeschell implemented a variety of approved energy conservation measures that resulted in the ability to better program equipment based on when the building was actually in use. We also repaired their critical fire sprinkler supply lines.


The Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA) wanted to implement a variety of energy conservation measures that would result in the ability to better program equipment based on when the building was actually in use. The AFMSA also wanted to repair their critical fire sprinkler supply lines.


To meet the AFMSA request for energy conservation and fire sprinkler repair, Kroeschell set to work on the following mechanical equipment replacements.

Occupational Health Building Heating and Hot Water Replacement

  • Installed a high efficiency domestic water heater with sealed combustion. Replaced three (3) water heaters (two gas and one electric).
  • Replaced existing hot water boiler with new high efficiency condensing boiler.
  • Installed two (2) new hot water circulation pumps and installed two (2) variable frequency drives.
  • Removed old steam conversion equipment and reconfigured hot water piping to a primary/secondary system.

Occupational Health Building Chiller and Air Handler Replacement

  • Installed a new high efficiency chiller.
  • Installed new chilled water pump and variable frequency drive.
  • Installed new air handler that was sized using load calculations. New AHU was designed with pre-filter and intermediate filter racks. Installed new VFD’s for supply and return fans.

Fire Code Compliance

The AFB Main Medical Clinic had not been in compliance with Fire Code/Life Safety code. Hydraulic calculations on the fire suppression system were conducted and found the fire sprinkler supply lines were too small for the main level of the clinic. In addition, there was no backflow preventer on the fire sprinkler system that served the ambulance bay and other parts of the clinic.

  • Removed existing fire sprinkler riser piping.
  • Installed 135 feet of black iron piping with fitting, valves and controls.
  • Re-piped fire sprinkler manifold to accommodate new backflow preventers and required gauges, valves and controls in two locations (ambulance bay garage and lower basement mechanical room).

The Occupational Health Building was connected to the main clinic building automation system network. Alarm points were programmed to notify maintenance personnel before a catastrophic incident.


With the replacement of the heating and hot water as well as the chiller and air handler systems, the AFB recognized major improvements in their energy efficiency. Additionally, Kroeschell was able to enhance and prolong the life cycle for many of the other existing real estate assets.

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The Hill AFB delivers full-spectrum, cost effective healthcare support to 67,000 TRICARE beneficiaries. It has 4 wings and 61 associate units and provides primary care, aerospace medicine, dental and mental health services with 440 personnel, 11 buildings, and an annual budget of $28M.


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