Manufacturing Wastewater Filter Replacement

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Water, specifically maintaining a flow of clean water in and wastewater out, is the lifeblood to any industrial operation. That’s why failing wastewater filters were something a large manufacturing company just could not afford.


A large manufacturer was facing the failure of a large number of industrial wastewater filters and piping which are critical to the day-to-day operations of the facility. Over 15 million gallons of water flow in and out of the operation every day and because the current system was out of date and on the verge of failure, Kroeschell needed to quickly install a new system.


After the manufacturer selected Kroeschell for the project, our team conducted trials on three different filter technologies. We ultimately chose a media filter technology, Tetra Deep Bed Filters. This filter system was selected only after a scaled down, smaller version was erected and tested on site.

Advantages of the new media filter technology included:

  • Higher flows with less backwash. We discovered that the same amount of water flow could be achieved with fewer filters than the previous system.
  • The twelve failing filters could be replaced with nine new filters.
  • No required cleaning, and maintenance costs that were 95% lower than the current system.

While installation plans were underway, Kroeschell was met with yet another challenge: the distribution pipes to and from the filters began leaking. The plans had to promptly be revised to include filter replacement and piping, valves, pumps, etc.

The project had to be phased in such a way that the new system was brought online while the old system was gradually decommissioned. In each of the three installation phases, the demolition of a portion of the old filters occurred while three new filters and their piping were installed.


Over the course of 18 months, Kroeschell was able to:

  • Replace 12 filters with nine (9) filters.
  • Free up floor space that increased operating capabilities.
  • Use an innovative engineering approach that allowed us to bring one system on while gradually taking another offline, without interrupting the plant.
  • Ultimately decreased the manufacturer’s filter maintenance cost by 45%.
  • Compress the timetable for completion, saving time and ultimately saving the manufacturer nearly $500,000.
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Our customer is a Fortune 100 company and leading manufacturer of heavy equipment and diesel and natural gas engines


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